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Panoramic wallpaper "The pine forest"

Panoramic wallpaper "The pine forest"

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A large panorama of 2.80m wide x 2.80m high. Inspired by the Landes landscapes and in particular the dune and the forest, this matt non-woven wallpaper brings with its soft colors. Shades of green, blue, gray and beige that bring a spirit of serenity to your interior. The wallpaper is designed in the southwest and printed in France. It is ideal for interior decoration, refined atmospheres but also for public places.

It can also be applied for a stage background, a stage backdrop, or an exhibition board.

The size does not suit you? Write to me and I will adapt the panoramic to your dimensions.

Features :

Easy to hang wallpaper


Easy to wash

Fire resistant wallpaper (Cs1d0)

Easy to tear off

Appearance: Smooth

Reflection: Matte White

Weight: 150g/m2

Nature: 100% Non-woven

Panoramic dimensions: L200 cm x H 250 cm

Gluing the wall

Composition: 60% cellulose, 290% synthetic fibre, 20% acrylic binder.

Please note that the non-woven paper is not completely opaque.
In case of dark or colored support apply an undercoat or a liner.


Shipping in 10 to 15 working days - delivery in 2 to 4 days.


Résistant à la lumière

Facile à laver

Papier-peint résistant au feu (Cs1d0)

Facile à arracher

Aspect : Lisse

Reflet : Blanc Mat

Grammage : 150g/m2

Nature : 100% Intissé

Encollage du mur

Livré en plusieurs lés selon les dimensions


Toutes dimensions sont disponibles sur simple demande par email uniquement pour les papiers peints sur mesure


  • Les murs étant rarement droits il est fortement conseillé de rajouter 10cm sur la hauteur (soit 5 cm minimum de chaque en haut et en bas) et 10 cm sur la largeur (soit 5 cm minimum de part et d'autre de vos murs) à vos mesures.

  • le papier intissé n'est pas totalement opaque.
    En cas de support sombre ou coloré appliquer une sous couche blanche.
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