Swelle is not a “brand” but a person. Swelle is the name or rather the pseudonym or "artist" name which allows me to sign my drawings more anonymously. It’s also a name that suits me well. I like English-sounding names, because in English the swell means the wave, the swell of this ocean near which I live. In S welle there is also "she", "she" it is this girl that I was who at fifteen years old set foot on a surfboard for the first time, her, the wife and the mother that I I became. So Swelle is me, a surfer, almost always, sporty, sensitive, simple and natural, a bit contemplative with a certain character ;-)

Recently I came across old drawings, illustrating nature, surfing, waves, my environment. You know, those forgotten drawings in an old drawer that you never decided to throw away and ultimately kept. I realize today that I have always drawn nature and the ocean. Until then, I had not considered this as a full-fledged activity that I could develop, but it is now the case.

I sell my illustrations inspired by nature and the environment in which I live. These illustrations are the fruit of my imagination, but relate moments lived, shared between friends, in the ocean surfing or in nature, a walk with friends, with family, or unexpected moments which offer us incredible moments of which I inspires me.

The wallpapers are the result of a collaboration with architects and interior designers who have placed their trust in me:



All illustrations are printed on 250g matte paper measuring 40 x 50 cm. They are available on the online store packaged in a rigid shipping tube, giving you the choice of framing. I pay particular attention to preparing your orders and sending them to you as quickly as possible. Sometimes I even slip in a little surprise ;)

The illustrations are also on sale in certain stores that trust me. You will therefore find it at:

Picnic Beach

ARCACHON Tel 05 47 44 14 18

BORDEAUX Tel 05 56 52 24 31


Planet Beach

BISCARROSSE PLAGE Tel 05 58 78 29 09

Robinson Store

LACANAU OCEAN Tel 05 56 03 03 56



HOSSEGOR Tel 05 58 43 93 30

I wish you a great discovery